NSE Group is an international industrial company whose purpose is to design, build, and sell integrated systems (civil and military). We are dedicated to give the best performance in support services in the areas of Defense, Aerospace, Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Large-Scale Industry.

NSE Group’s values are shared by everyone and constitute the basic foundation of our company:

Rigour, Hardwork, Honesty, Candidness, Humility.

NSE Subcontracting Agreement with FLIR Systems in Support of French ‘DrOP’ Program

NSE announced that it has signed an in-service subcontracting agreement with FLIR Systems, Inc. (USA) in support of the French DrOP program.

ARQUUS et NSE signent un contrat de prestations de services

Mercredi 13 juin 2018, NSE et ARQUUS Défense ont signé lors du Salon Eurosatory à Paris un contrat de prestations de services.