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Application examples



NSE Industries offers a complete solution for sensitive freight transport safety (money & valuable materials, dangerous goods, etc). This solution includes a capabilities in geotracking, audio/video doubt clearance, remote control of lockers, remote surveillance of goods loading & unloading, etc.
  • Blue Force Tracking

NSE Industries offers a complete solution for Blue Force Tracking. The system allows the tracking and safety of all operating forces : men and vehicles (air/land/sea). It is compatible with the continuous vital data monitoring.

NSE Industries offers a solution that includes satellite communication and safety functions for expatriates employees. During their mission, they are continuously tracked with the capability to launch an automatic or manual distress signal.

NSE Industries offers industrial solutions tailored for your business. They are integrated to your dedicated tool (forest management, ski slopes support, etc) and bring geotracking functionalities and a worldwide communication capability. The operating system may have an interface with your ERP system.

NSE Industries offers a real time geotracking solution for aircrafts. Based on the IRIDIUM satellite system, it brings flight safety in any part of the world. The solution is certified by the main Airworthiness Authorities.