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Global logistics

In addition to repair, NSE has created a new service combining quality and costs with manufacturers and distributors for In Warranty support: Global Logistics

This service is provided by logisticians / qualified technicians and includes the following services:

  • Tests / Technical updates/ Reconditioning /Upgrading of PAD and retractions
  • Control / Testing /  Multibrand RMA Management
  • Refurbishment (remanufacturing) products
  • Batch Processing: Rework
  • Configuration / Updating Products
  • Schedule  APS (Advanced Planning Systems) / Supply
  • Storage
  • Processing and shipping orders
  • Recycling according to standards (ISO 14001) and directives (DEEE)

Skills & Resources :

  • Technical skills: Visual inspections expertise / test / control
  • Semi-automated lines
  • Trackers & barcode readers: accurate traceability and reliable inventory management
  • Secure Spaces

Support Services :

  • Quality Policy Safety Environment Certified: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Method Department / Engineering for process optimization
  • Sales Support and Administration Service, consisting of Project  and Account Managers

Complementary : One Roof Concept