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GSM/GPRS Solutions

Initially specialized in aviation, BAYO has expanded its domaine of expertise over the years and has become today an important player in its fields of activities.

  • GPS
    Since 1995, BAYO has distributed GPS equipment on the French market for use by the general public. This market is rapidly growing in support of marine activities and excursions. Being very active in this area, BAYO has played an important role in the development of the GPS for automobiles, and is now contributing to the phenomenal growth of this market.


  • Mapping and Professional Applications

In the year 2000, and in partnership with IGN (National Geographic Institute), BAYO has been the first company to digitize and commercialize IGN Mapping in CD’s (scale of 1:25,000) for the whole country of France with CARTOEXPLOREUR.

Visualization in 3 dimensions and publishing of the entire French territory on DVD completed this range of products, based on IGN aerial orthophotographs. PHOTOEXPLOREUR is also available in 3 dimensions.

Based on its mapping and GPS experience and know-how, BAYO innovated once more with the launch of EXPLOREUR, a mixed-mode GPS Navigation system to be used with Tele Atlas road mapping and IGN mapping Cartoexploreur 3, or Photoexploreur 3D for photography.


Now, the former BAYO had been merged in NSE Group. NSE also develops applications for professionals by proposing complete optimization, follow-up, or geo-localization solutions.


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