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With an industrial experience of more than 28 years which has increased in time due to the integration of new companies within the group, NSE offers today a complete range of skills for the areas of civil aviation , industry and defense. 

We have on our Riom and Cuers sites, all means to control the development cycle of systems : Electronic engineering department, embedded computing, engineering and testing facilities in qualification.

In this area, we specialize in the design and integration of complex wired structures, the design and implementation of wiring with high added value and design of avionics equipment. 

Avionic design

NSE has developed a catalog of avionic equipment and electronic technologies that can be used independently or incorporated into complex integrated systems.

Complex wired structure

NSE brings its expertise as an integrator and its adaptability to develop, industrialize and achieve your complex wired structures.


Coming from the world of wiring, NSE designs and builds your beams and harness with high added value.

Embedded devices

NSE brings its expertise to the design, integration of embedded devices.

Qualifications and tests

NSE put the means of test and testing available: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Environmental, Electrical, Vibration...