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NSE Services has based its growth around three simple rules:

To place client satisfaction at the centre of its activities,
To innovate and allow clients and partners to achieve their objectives,
To apply daily NSE’s values (rigour, honesty, hard work, frankness, humility).

There is no doubt that respect for these rules has allowed us to maintain a long-standing partnership with, indisputably, one of the major competitors in the world of IT: Hewlett Packard.


The innovative and differentiating approach of NSE (the « one roof concept ») which consists in providing a global support service all on one site, has built up progressively to better respond to the needs of our customers and partners - to anticipate their needs and co-operate in their projects.

Today, taking into account the initial demand of the client up to the point of their complete satisfaction, our teams contribute to improve our knowledge of our customers’ customers and their requirements

It’s on long duration, mutual confidence and a desire to continually improve that we hope to build the most solid partnerships, such as the one built progressively with HP spoken of by Ludovic Bayle in this newsletter.

Certified ISO 14001, NSE Services are voluntarily committed to contribute to the improvement of our environment. The waste treatment procedures described in this issue highlight the measures that we have taken to achieve this objective.

Warm regards.

Josť Parets
Managing director


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Ludovic BAYLE
Supply chain operations manager


NSE’ s partnership with HP goes back more than 15 years.

Ludovic BAYLE, head of European Supply Chain Operations at the heart of the GPSC department (Global Parts Supply Chain) of the IPG division (Imaging and Printing Group) has agreed to answer our questions.

Could you describe the activity of IPG?

IPG (Imaging and Printing Group) is a division of HP offering printing solutions for the general public and commercial clients, over a large range of printers and printer technologies (laser, ink jet, « edgeline »).

The GPSC (Global Parts Supply Chain) allows for the repair of commercial printers, to the full extent necessary, by making available spare parts for on-site intervention or by arranging the pick up and return of printers for repair at the repair line.

200 000 spare parts and printers are thus sent each month, HP having direct representation in 43 countries in the zone “Europe - Middle East – Africa”, and indirect representation via partners in over 100 countries in total.

In a complex logistics operation including providers and clients, the end to end control and our client’s feedback regarding follow-up is the key to their satisfaction.

Could you give a brief history of the HP/NSE relationship?

NSE and HP have been partners since 1993. A partnership at first limited to « off site » repairs has subsequently evolved into customer services, telephone support (RAC) as well as provision support (Tactical Buying, management of orders placed with suppliers).

NSE currently repair for IPG 5000 printers per month, in direct contact with the client, via phone support, offer storage facilities and co-ordinate our suppliers across the world for approaching 6000 order lines.

How do you see yourselves evolving with the needs of your clients, users of HP printing products?

Our clients demand printing quality before their material ownership of the equipment. HP are developing a new direction of sales dedicated towards printing services (MPS, Managed Print Services), including the delivery of consumables, maintenance, both preventative and reactive of the initially installed unit. The transfer of information via our network allows us to be pro-active in this regard.

Furthermore, HP must rationalize its support model, without losing the emphasis on quality, consequently customer satisfaction, above all market conditions.

How does NSE fit in to your model of ‘Services Delivery‘?

NSE combines its technical competences for printer repairs in the form < pick up and return >, with their capacity to monitor and manage < end to end >, to our customers via the case management call centre, RAC.

It’s a major asset for NSE, who has the visibility over all the spheres of influence upon our customer satisfaction.

The instigation this year of our new end to end monitoring service has given us a greater understanding of the stages of service delivery workflow requiring improvement.

What do you expect from NSE Services?

We expect from NSE teams operational excellence in the following areas:

Understanding and communication with other HP partners, from the end to end chain of IPG (logistics, call centers)
Technical Repair competence and an engineering autonomy, continuing to develop
To be alongside HP in their evolution of services (notably the launch of exchanges on certain models)

We consider NSE to be our main ‘observatory ‘of customer satisfaction

The development of our partners in understanding and improving contact with customers will be a great advantage for our two companies and will allow us to reach a level of excellence in our ‘ final customer relation’, for which HP wants significant improvements in the satisfaction indexes from 2009.

Thanks you for your support


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NSE Services sites are certified by l'AFAQ under reference QUAL/2003/19690.
Certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.





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Declaration CNIL # 853153

You have a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data which concern you (Article 34 - Law "Informatique Et Libertes" January 6, 1978).

Within the scope of its environmental monitoring, NSE Services certified ISO 14001, has determined that the generation of waste resulting from normal activities, has the most significant impact on the environment. To limit these effects, several daily procedures have been implemented at all levels of production.

These procedures centre around 3 main principles:
To use, wherever possible, recyclable materials
To reduce the quantity of waste generated.
To sort waste as an aid to recycling.

The progressive suppression of non-recyclable materials

Given the large number of products that we handle, priority is being given to packaging.
We are now able to utilize100% cardboard packaging, the recycling of which is easier and better controlled.
We are currently studying the possibility of developing packaging which is 100% biodegradable.

Waste reduction

It is by the explanation and daily application of “ good practices “ such as

printing only where necessary and recto verso if possible
adherence to rules and procedures in order to limit poor quality and consequently waste
standardization of documents.
the supply of re-usable containers for the handling of products

that we shall continue to reduce our wastage.

The Sorting of Waste

The selective sorting of waste enables us to re-use certain materials, to favour environmentally friendly energy sources or to recycle.

NSE Services systematically sort:
electronic parts,
cartridges and toners,

It is through concrete and systematic actions such as those described above that NSE Services contribute in a responsible and civic manner to the preservation of our environment.

Laurent FAVIER
Quality Insurance Manager

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