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Moving from « win-win » to « win-win-win »


Since its creation in 1983, NSE Services has always sought to adopt a flexible approach to meet customers’ needs and changing market requirements.

Our function has changed in recent years. To quickly repair faulty products under warranty is still of prime importance, however, not sufficient to meet the needs of customers (“our clients’ clients”).
The attention given them with each transaction, the quality of support and assistance which are shown them during each call, the efficiency of case management are paramount in re-enforcing their loyalty to the brand.

 “To contribute to the satisfaction of the end users of our order providers” is one of the objectives clearly stated in the policy of NSE Services “Quality, Security, Environment” (QSE). We believe that the future of our profession lies in our capacity to satisfy the three links in the chain of “service”: the end user, the order provider and the service provider. We are changing our approach from “win-win” to “win- win- win” with pride of place given to the end user.

 “To reduce the impact of our activities on the environment” is another of the objectives of our QSE policy. In this E-letter we highlight the actions taken by NSE Services in this area. Here too, we must adopt the philosophy of « win-win-win » taking into consideration the environment in which we live and work.
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L.G. France and NSE Services have, since 2003, been partners in warranty support for their range of monitors in France.

Frederic PION head of client service has kindly agreed to answer our questions.


CB – What changes have arisen in your market position?

FP – In the general market, LG now offer a large range of products, particularly in the area of monitors – monitors of all sizes and types both for public and professionals using Plasma and LCD technology.

CB – That would imply changes in your service policy?

FP: Our clients expect various levels of service geared to the different product ranges. The arrival of Xavier Garrigue as LG Director of Services will enable us to adopt a variable Service with the notable option of a Premium Service for top of the range products.

CB – What can NSE do for LG?

FP: NSE and LG have worked together for 6 years in the management of centralized « swap on site » for our monitors. NSE currently exchange and repair around 1500 monitors per month in direct contact with the client, chiefly through call management.

CB – What are your expectations?

FP: Amongst our 70 service providers, NSE offer, with an « end-to-end » service, the facility to provide a centralized service across a wide range of products.

Christian BLONDEL – NSE
EMEA Development Director


Frédéric PION – LG
Customer Services Manager


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Several years ago NSE Services made the decision to commit to a civic awareness policy. The renewal of certification ISO 14001: 2004 in December 2008 testifies to our efforts to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. In furtherance of this aim, we propose to take the following concrete actions in 2009 :

      Improvement in the sorting of waste materials
      Waste reduction at source, notably waste of packing materials. NSE Services are striving to reduce the quantity of packing used with the creation of reusable packaging, to be utilized for both the collection from and re-delivery to the customer. This will result in both economic and environmental gains.
      Improvement of recycling methods, notably in favouring the recycling of waste material (after separation at our sorting centre, all materials are used to make remanufactured products). We have recently opted for the recycling of plastic waste rather than its use in energy-based disposal.
      Reduction in energy consumption NSE services are committed to a « Regional Eco-Business Programme » the objective of which is the long-term reduction of energy bills and to achieve a precise consumption plan of our installations (heating methods, electrical consumption etc.) in order to tailor our energy plan according to our needs.
    In conjunction, NSE SERVICES has, within the framework  of Lasting Development Week, organized an internal  exhibition to increase the awareness of our personnel  concerning recycling and energy consumption, whilst  high-lighting good methods to adopt daily both at home  and at the workplace. The result was positive with almost  280 employees having attended. There was general  satisfaction with the range of subjects brought to the  attention of staff (the volume of waste generated per year,  methods of recycling, as well as energy consumption  which constitutes our principle impact on the  environment).

Each employee is committed to attaining the environmental objectives of the company.
Today we must be innovative and set an example in order to contribute to the improvement of our environment.

Laurent FAVIER
Quality Manager


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