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Since its creation, NSE Services has aimed to follow through its customers projects : from taking into account their initial request up until obtaining their complete satisfaction, our teams contribute to our customers ‘chain of values’.

NSE Services wants to base its European growth on this notion of partnership: partnership with the world’s best electronic and computing manufacturers on one side, and on the other with local service providers chosen according to our criteria of competency and quality standards.

More than ever, NSE is becoming a ‘services integrator’ on a European level, supplying global solutions for technical support and in-warranty handling of its customers and partners products.

Our offer is set up around an ‘innovative and original approach, the ‘one roof concept’. We offer our customers, under one roof, customer interface, repair and logistics services.
We are continuing our expansion through a strategy of growth based on :

Our New Solutions
The unequalled quality of our Service
Our Exceptional commitment to our customers

NSE is a civic company and has just obtained the ISO 14001 certification, which confirms the company is aiming to reduce its impact on the environment. You can find out about this in the following pages.

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JosÚ Parets
Managing Director

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NSE is happy to tell you about the setting up of its new presentation on the WEB.

This presentation aims to make NSE better known on an international level as part of its growth.

The NSE group, its activities, its professions, its know-how and references are presented in a simple and friendly manner.

In the present customer space, as well as with Priam on the Web, our clients can follow the status and get a direct report on the activities we handle for them.

The next step will be the improvement of the customer interface, offering more information and interactivity.

To know more please click on the following link:


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NSE Holding sold March 31st 2006 the majority shares it held in G2S at Grenoble, to the members of the management, represented by Johanes GAULTIER.

G2S is specialized in the repair of electronic boards with high added value, the repair of complete products, the repair of LCD plasma panels.

NSE Services, as part of its services integrator strategy, carries on working with G2S on this know-how, acting in a customer/supplier relationship based on quality, costs and respect of deadlines.

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NSE SERVICES is working closely with RepairTech to provide a better service for its customers in the UK as part of its ‘services integrator’ policy.

NSE and Repair Tech are working closely on an industrial agreement to make an innovative offer for in warranty case handling in the UK and Ireland for the large European names.

RepairTech is based in Coventry and is specialised in handling in warranty cases, mainly for computing and peripheral manufacturers. It has about thirty employees for customer relations, logistics, and repair. RepairTech operates mostly in UK and Ireland.

The agreement allows NSE to increase its presence in this part of Europe as part of its service integration strategy. It allows us to offer our European customers a centralised handling :

of customer relations (ensured by NSE on its Vichy site 160 people, 11 languages),
co-ordination of each request for a RMA,
management of products (exchange units, spare parts),

The service is decentralised concerning :

on site interventions (reduction of TATs, reduction of costs),
repair of products.

RepairTech benefits from NSEs organisation for European deployment of its present and future customers.

This new partnership is already operational in its procedures, commitments to customers and also for quality and communication.


Through this new partnership NSE is developing its service integration strategy, the next step is deployment in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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NSE is continuing its communiqués to make better known :

Who are its customers,
What are its new agreements
In what areas

NSE Services and IIYAMA have renewed their partnership
Iiyama is continuing its commercial development with its quality of service for its range of screens (CRT and LCD) and video projectors on the French market.

It is on NSE’s Evry site that, for the second year running, we carry out on site interventions and part of the repairs for in warranty Iiyama products.

NSE and Iiyama have built up together a service model offering customers a very high level of reception and intervention, whilst maintaining prices in a very competitive market.

3M is developing its cooperation with NSE Services regarding Touch Screen displays products
  Thanks to a new agreement between both companies, NSE Services will manage the warranty service (customer interface, logistics to the customer site and repair) for CRT and LCD Touch Screen monitors in Europe. NSE Services will mainly cover France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia, and Central Europe.

3M is a worldwide diversified company with leading positions in consumer and office, display and graphics, electronics and telecommunications. 3M develops resistive and capacitive Touch Screens for various applications as industrial process control, POS, kiosks, security, medical and gaming.

With this partnership, NSE Service will accompany 3M growth in Europe and fulfil all the repair service needs in Europe for the 3M customers satisfaction.



These communiqués confirm the will of NSE Services to invest with its clients and to accompany their growth on the French market as at international level, and to ajust permanently its services to the new requirements of the market.

Christian Blondel
Business Development Director

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Since 20 December 2005, NSE Services’ environmental management system has been certified ISO 14001 by the AFAQ

This certification guarantees the conformity of our activities to the various environmental laws for our customers. It also ensures that we take into account the environmental impacts of our activities in the development of our new services and products.
In fact, this process has manifested itself through a sensitisation of everyone in the company about :

Improving the sorting of waste
Reducing waste of energy

Today we sort waste in order to make the most of it. The diagram below gives details of how this is done :


We also select service providers who ensure a perfect traceability throughout the whole process of waste treatment

At the same time, we are studying solutions to limit the volume of waste generated by our activities: new packaging ideas, reuse and recycling of printed paper, use of washable cloths in the workshops…

Obtaining the ISO 14001 certification has encouraged us to follow through our efforts on a daily basis to keep up these procedures and let the whole company benefit from them.


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