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Dualmode Sigma

E-track Dual mode SIGMA GPRS / IRIDUM

The Dual Mode SIGMA is a GPRS/GSM Iridium tracking and data transmission device. Measuring 90 x 65 x 25mm for 102g with integrated antennas. The dual mode SIGMA combines the avantages of Quadband GPRS and Iridium to offer reliable, global and cost-effective tracking.


  • Automatic or manual transmission via GPRS or Iridium
  • Automatic switching between GPRS & Iridium
  • Remote programming via both networks
  • Single line audio in GPRS mode
  • Message frequencey from every 10s to 24 hours
  • 3 inputs & 3 outputs
  • Multi-axe movement detection - programmable alarm or device activation 
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Integrated GPS, Iridium and GPRS antennas - external MCX connecters
  • Optional CANBUS link and 8 function keypad



  • Compact size & weight - high performance
  • Unique integration of GPS, GPRS and Iridium antennas
  • Micro USB (for direct programming)
  • Intelligent sleep mode
  • Optional AES encryption
  • Multiple options for inputs & outputs (ignition...)
  • Multiple alarm and alert functions
  • RS 232


The Dual mode SIGMA is a highly versatile and adaptable tracking device for covert, Fleet or asset tracking anywhere in the world.

The Dual mode SIGMA can be customised for particular requirements, contact us for more details.