Editorial by Philippe Brel – E letter n°56

Editorial - E letter n°56

Philippe BREL, Chairman of the Board

Hello everyone,

We are delighted to bring you our latest newsletter, highlighting recent achievements and ongoing projects at NSE.

In this global climate marked by growing tensions and conflicts, we are witnessing increased vigilance by governments with regard to the Defense sector, which remains one of our operational priorities.

Nevertheless, the year 2023 will remain engraved in our memories as that of our 40th anniversary, crowned by a record turnover of 77 million euros. This success is the result of the commitment and dedication of our entire team.

This month, a major change as been made with the evolution of the NSE group governance and in particular the appointment of Stéphane Mayer as President of the Supervisory Board and Isabelle Carrère as Vice-President, François Lacoste remaining a member of the Supervisory Board as representative of NSE Participations. We invite you to consult the attached link to learn more about this important transition for our company.

We are also proud to announce a significant step for our Soyons site, which is currently developing a DOA (Design Organization Approval) organization currently being qualified by EASA. The kick-off meeting for this project took place on January 29, marking the start of an exciting new phase for our company.

Furthermore, our strategic partnership with THALES is being strengthened with the award of the contract to manufacture marine bays for the renovation of the MONGE, a world-renowned oceanographic vessel. This collaboration illustrates our commitment to providing high-quality solutions to our customers.

NSE India also continues its growth trajectory with the integration of a new 1000 m² building and the appointment of Syed Mudassir as Director of the subsidiary. These investments reflect our commitment to better serve our customers in India and strengthen our presence in the international market.

We are proud also to share with you the results of our Carbon Assessment, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Finally, you will find at the end of this edition a link to our new group video showing all our expertise.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who trust us and who contribute to our industrial development in our privileged areas of expertise: Aerospace, Defense, Mobility, Industry and Electronics.

We wish you a pleasant reading,

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Philippe Brel,

Chairman of the Board