Our Partners
& Suppliers

NSE involves its suppliers in the progress process and in its competitiveness targets, by developing strong partnerships.

Who are we ?

In seeking efficient, innovative and competitive solutions, NSE's Purchasing teams bring their expertise and support to a wide variety of businesses and projects within the Group.

The deployment of NSE's Purchasing policy is based on:

Respect and sharing of NSE values by suppliers,
Suppliers' compliance with the NSE Code of Ethics,
A collaboration of the different NSE services in relation to suppliers,
The involvement of the Purchasing Department in all phases of the life of the Group's products,
A centralized organisation and domain-based buyers present on our sites
Through the application and respect of our ethical code, all NSE personnel are committed to the application and respect of our code of ethics, applicable in all circumstances according to the values of trust, respect and integrity.

With its recognized positioning in the design and production of integrated electronic systems and in the provision of support services in the defense, aeronautics, railways and large-scale industries, NSE aims to continue to grow. profitably by designing, manufacturing and marketing adapted, innovative and efficient products and services at sustained costs.

In 2019, the share of purchases represented nearly 50% of the Group's revenue. Suppliers therefore actively contribute to NSE's added value and customer satisfaction. Our Purchasing Strategy aims to build lasting relationships with them, based on trust, industrial excellence and technological leadership.

Organisation of the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is organized around two entities:

The Industrial Purchasing Department

which brings together all the needs entering into the composition of the products sold to our customers.

The General Purchasing Department

which brings together all direct and indirect purchases for our operations.