Editorial by Philippe Brel

President of Executive Board

E-letter n°48

Dear all,

Finally, we see the end of the tunnel with a gradual return to a "normal" life in our daily lives but also in the company. We will still have to be vigilant, but we are on the right track with the vaccines provided. The good news from the recovery of the aeronautics sector also gives hope for a return to sustained speeds, faster than expected.

The crisis will have had some impact, and we are entering a transitional phase where business agility will be key. NSE has taken advantage of the past six months to subscribe to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. This is important to us because it allows you to get more involved in NSE; you as employees, but also you, our customers and suppliers. We are starting this long journey and you will find a highlight of this approach by Cécilia de Carvalho, our CSR manager.

In the same line, we have made a commitment to Village By CA, in order to support the collaborative network of start-ups: an ecosystem dedicated to innovation, of which you can read an article in this edition.

You will also find two customer testimonials, one on our new MRO activity through the interview of Olivier Gabeau for TRIMEY company, accompanied by a second about our special machine integration activity with the interview of Antoine Chanois for TIAMA.

We will continue with a note of optimism on our participation in the first MRO France Air Expo of the year at Lyon-Bron airport.

We would like to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers who place their trust in us and allow us to pursue the industrial development of NSE in our favorite sectors: Aeronautics, Defense, Medical, Railways and Electronics.

Have a good reading,

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay safe.

Philippe Brel

President of Executive Board