Editorial by Philippe Brel

NSE President

E-letter n ° 49

Hello everyone,

Before summer, just 4 months ago, we were still saying the words 'end of crisis' with a lot of uncertainty. Now, this return to almost normal life is effective, vaccines are proving their effectiveness and we are now starting to travel internationally with, of course, some constraints. The boom in the recovery, particularly in consumer spending, has created the many supply disruptions we are experiencing in automotive and consumer electronics. Our Aeronautics and Defense activities suffer from them to a lesser extent, but we remain vigilant.

As mentioned in our last E.letter, we are indeed in this transitional phase and we demonstrate every day our agility in finding solutions for our customers.

One of these solutions is materialized by the development of surface treatment in our Canadian subsidiary, NSE Automatech and the acquisition of two new Nadcap certifications. This will allow us to reduce our deadlines and open up capacities to our close customers.

Likewise, we are committed to a process of digitization and digital continuity of information which will allow us to gain in efficiency, aiming to simplify our processes and reduce our non-quality. You will find a highlight of this approach by Jean Bonnel, our VP Operations France.

In Brazil, we celebrated 10 years of NSE Brasil in July with a ceremony with all the employees. On this occasion, you will find an article written by Cintia Trentini, our Managing Director of NSE Brasil.

You will also find a customer testimonial, about our Service activity with the interview of Mr. VAN DE WEGHE, Head of the DAHER AVORD establishment, for the company DAHER.

We will continue with a note of optimism, with the return of the exhibitions and our participation in the FED exhibition, illustrated by an update on the visit of General Schill - CEMAT and Mr C. JOUSLIN DE NORAY - General of the army corps and Central Director of the SIMMT.

We would like to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers who place their trust in us and allow us to pursue the industrial development of NSE in our favorite sectors: aeronautics, defense, medical, rail and electronic.

Wishing you a good reading.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay safe.

Philippe Brel