NSE Technical & Logistics Services



50 000 square feet

Production area

Presentation of the subsidiary

Based in Laval, Quebec, NSE Technical & Logistics Services is an affiliate company of DRAKKAR Aerospace and Ground Transportation. Created in 2018, NSE Technical & Logistics Services aims to substantially reduce turnaround times (TAT) related to kitting, sub-assembly and repair management.

The company supports its customers with a complete control tower, a truly revolutionary technology for the world of logistics services, which integrates the customer interface, carrier management, warehousing, repair and manufacturing assistance.

With a team of more than 45 employees, NSE Technical & Logistics Services leverages European and Canadian best practices in technology, processes, operations management and customer orientation, making it a partner of choice in the manufacturing industry.

 The company will soon be moving into its new facility on the North Shore of Montreal, as part of a 200 000-square-foot construction project in an innovative and cutting-edge hub.


Martin Bélanger

General Manager

Phone : +1 438-270-2150


NSE Technical and Logistics Services

900, Boul Saint-Martin Ouest,

Laval, Québec, H7S 2K9,


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