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NSE Technical & Logistics Services is an affiliate company of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, a world-class outsourcing company specializing in industrialization, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics. With an ecosystem of industry differentiators including other affiliates such as Avianor, AAA Canada, AAA USA, AAA Mexico, Argo MRT Americas Inc. and DRAKKAR Talent. DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation provides turnkey services designed to strategically accompany our customers throughout their industrialization, manufacturing, repair and logistics needs. Operating in a wide range of specializations supporting key sectors in aerospace, transportation, defence, security, health and energy, DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation is integrating the following services:

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Mobile Repair Services, On-site industrialization, Warehousing and Logistics, On-site manufacturing, Kitting and Sub-assembly, On-site maintenance, Transportation and Recruiting & Staffing.


President & CEO DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation

DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation operates as an interconnected ecosystem combining industry expertise and vast service offerings across each of its seven affiliated companies. In doing so, we have facilitated a means to streamline our processes and technologies to the benefit of all our clients, stakeholders, and community. Most importantly, through our local, national and international presence, we are committed to providing a superior level of customized, quality service and well-rounded abilities to our established and future clients at every stage of their needs.

With our core values of passion, excellence, determination and collaboration, which are deeply embedded within our company’s DNA, we maintain our solid leadership positioning as a trusted partner who creates opportunities to strengthen the aerospace and ground transportation economy. We strive to remain an industry ambassador supporting the workforce of tomorrow. We are, and will continue to be, renown for our collective adaptability, reactiveness and innovative competencies. That, you can always count on.

I want to thank each member of our vast community for being part of this fantastic journey.

Based in Laval, Quebec, NSE Technical & Logistics Services is an affiliate company of DRAKKAR Aerospace and Ground Transportation. Created in 2018, NSE Technical & Logistics Services aims to substantially reduce turnaround times (TAT) related to kitting, sub-assembly and repair management.

The company supports its customers with a complete control tower, a truly revolutionary technology for the world of logistics services, which integrates the customer interface, carrier management, warehousing, repair and manufacturing assistance.

With a team of more than 45 employees, NSE Technical & Logistics Services leverages European and Canadian best practices in technology, processes, operations management and customer orientation, making it a partner of choice in the manufacturing industry.

 The company recently moved into its new 200,000 square foot facility, in an innovative and cutting-edge hub, on the North Shore of Montreal.


Laurent Lefebvre

Vice-President & General Manager

Phone : +1 514 402.9769


Adress Laval site

NSE Technical and Logistics Services

900, Boul. Saint-Martin Ouest,

Laval, Québec, H7S 2K9, Canada

Adress Saint-Eustache site

NSE Technical and Logistics Services

500 rue du Condor

Suite 200 Saint-Eustache

QC, J7R 0M7, Canada


Adress Mirabel Site

NSE Technical and Logistics Services

11805 Service A5 Street

Montréal International Airport (YMX)

Mirabel, Quebec, J7N 1A1, Canada

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